Anti-Corrosion Bearings, Ceramic Bearings, High Temperature Bearings, Low Temperature Bearings OEM, ODM。

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Applications:Anti-corrosion bearings, Ceramic bearings, High temperature bearings, Low temperature bearings,Bearing OEM, ODM。

Alloy:SUJ2,SUS 304,SUS 440。
Ceramic:ZrO2,Si3N4,SiC,Hybrid bearings。
Engineering plastic:PEEK ,PTFE, PVDF, UPE,PP, POM 。

Reference: 特殊環境及高精密軸承OEM bearing規格表

Model Ceramic Bearings
Temperature Range 90℃ to 800℃
Ring Material ZrO2,Si3N4,SiC
Ball Material ZrO2/SI3N4
Cage Material PEEK, PTFE,PA66, UPE, PP, PI, PVDF
Certificate ISO9001:2008
Advantages Both high and low temperature resistance, high pressure resistance,,corrosion resistance,,anti-magnetic insulation and self lubrication,,etc.
Anti-corrosion High to medium resistance
OEM Available, please talk to our sales for different applications
Application Semi-conductor equipment, LCD equipment, food machinery, electroplating equipment, chemical equipment, textile machinery, medical machinery, etc.


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